The Fire Series is about loss of control. There is a point of no return when the fire takes on a life of its own and cannot be extinguished. It becomes a living thing that is pure destruction , impulsive rage, and fury. This is mania. I am primarily interested in the moment when control over the fire has passed and the burning object must reach its transformative conclusion.
These paintings are metaphors for the experience of bipolar disorder and are equally transformative; changing a mental health challenge into something aesthetically beautiful and full of care is not only a way to give love to what can seem like a dark part of the human experience, but is also a way to sit with what is uncomfortable.

 The Vision Series draws inspiration from time spent outdoors on hikes, the Hudson River Valley and the Adirondacks, imaginary spectral color environments, electronic stage lighting shows, psychosis, and 1980s cartoon visual effects.
When a familiar setting collides with unreality it induces confusion, wonder, and awe. Fragments of visual devices appear and repeat between works, mimicking the nature of visual hallucinations.  

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